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I'm Emily, a Mama and Holistic Health Coach who is extraordinarily passionate about helping my fellow mamas to find balance, energy, and confidence to consciously create a life they love. 


Since I became a mum 7 years ago, it has become my mission to work with women who are struggling to best take care of themselves and meet their own needs so that they can say goodbye to just surviving and say hello to thriving and living life to the truest expression of who they are. 


I have seen myself and so many women get lost and stuck in the daily grind of motherhood; losing connection to who we are, what we want and the kind of example we want to be for our children. 


I recognised a need within myself for extra love, support and accountability to step into my power and create a life I get to live on my terms. Through my own experience and my training I have learnt the tools to facilitate the process of this so that beautiful mamas can come home to themselves and shine. 

It really is amazing what happens in life when we can slow down and pay attention.

When we learn to remember what an absolute blessing it is to be in this body at this time. 
I believe that finding a way to reconnect with ourselves, invite mindfulness in and consciously make decisions around the external factors, makes a great difference in the way we experience life. 
I see so much correlation between struggling to show up for ourselves and our desires with disconnection from self and the inability to tune in and listen to the messages from within. 
Our bodies are able to consistently provide us with feedback if we are paying enough attention to listen. 
I am so excited to be in a position that I get to help people reconnect with themselves in such a profound way to have them experience life more, feel good about themselves in their bodies, increase energy and create healthy habits in every area of life.

I have always considered myself to be health & wellness conscious, specifically focused on a holistic approach for mind, body and soul. 

I have always known that I've wanted to work with people and its been a long road to discover just what capacity that would be in. I am so glad that through Health & Life Coaching I have found a way that I can incorporate my love for health and helping people into one amazing career. 

I am a Holistic Health & Life Coach, certified through the amazing Health Coach Institute.

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Perth, Western Australia ​​

Tel: 0433 223 349   |   hello@emilygreaves.com.au

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